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The Bulgarian PG-1. 1 / 5. Everything white on the mask is talcum powder, quite dificult to get rid of! Probably dipped in a tank full of that stuff at the factory.

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The MP4 gas mask is a Polish army issued gas mask. Based on the successful US M17, the MP4 utilizes the same style of filter as the M17. By using the cheek filters the MP4 gas mask provides a wider field of view than more traditional gas masks like the Israeli M15.

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(1) Lightly dust the inside of the garment with talc (commonly known as talcum or baby powder) before putting on. You can get this from all major supermarkets. Ensure it is unscented or the oils can eat your latex. (2) Use a silicone-based lubricant, applying a thin coating to the inside of the garment and your skin if necessary.

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Talcum powder is a mineral-based product used in baby powder and many other cosmetics. Although published health studies show a link between use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer, millions of men and women still use it to absorb moisture and promote freshness.

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This mask takes the exact same filter as the Serbian M1 Gas Mask. ... Had a little bit of access talcum powder but a couple washes and it was clean. Great quality yet Strangely light Filter. Purchased item: USED Finnish Military M61 Gas Mask …

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Product Description This is the gas mask issued to Israeli civilians when threatened with chemical attack by Saddam's Iraq. It has full NBC (nuclear. Biological, chemical) protection, and comes with one sealed filter. The filter is old) NEEDS A NEW ONE Filter 95603* Mask is used. Used condition and has hydration port.

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Even Johnson & Johnson stopped producing talc containing baby powder in 2020. Either way, most body powders nowadays don't use talc and instead substitute corn starch in its place. So if you're concerned about the safety of talc in your body powder, there are plenty of talc free body powders to choose from.

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The enclosure/infant gas mask will arrive with a layer of talcum powder applied to maximize shelf life. Be sure to wipe out the talcum powder with a wet cloth before use. Since the unit is constructed of rubberized fabric, it can easily be scratched or punctured. MIRA Safety recommends trimming your 's claws before placing them inside.

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Just a quick insight of potential dangers if exposed to talcum powder!Medical Links as promised:

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Body powder. Whether for adults or babies, body powders are useful for their anti-chafing, odor-neutralizing and moisture-absorbing qualities. Powders are effective at absorbing moisture from sweat and natural body oils, which can be helpful for making skin folds and other friction points less prone to discomfort.


Product name : Talcum Powder CAS-No. : 1 1.2 Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Identified uses : Laboratorychemicals, Industrial & for professional use only. 1.3 Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet Company : Central Drug House (P) Ltd 7/28 Vardaan House New Delhi-10002 INDIA

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The mask you've managed to get ahold of there is called a MM1 Gas Mask MM1, soviet cold war Gas Mask The Filter is a GP-5's filter (The print on the side identifies it as such). - I'll have to be completely honest here, I can't say either way if it's safe or not, since there's no solid evidence to prove either claim.

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Talc is not harmful in the least unless used improperly. It is not carcinogenic, nor has it ever been. There was recently a nice discussion about this on another shave forum, so PM if you'd like the link. (Some folks get all "huffy" when I link to …


products bear labels with a warning such as "Talcum powder causes cancer in laboratory animals. Frequent talc application in the genital area …

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Separate gas mask hoses, rebreather bags and gas mask sets available! Condition: the GP5 gas masks have been stored for a very long time, but are all in usable condition. The white stuff on the surface is talcum powder used to preserve the rubber. It can be washed off. Lsst update: 01-may-2020


Powder and gasmask found in luggage but Israeli woman not detained, allowed to board plane to Texas. The powder tests positive for anthrax, then is declared to be harmless, but ten people become sick and are treated, plus the screeners (one of whom gets a rash on his hands) are decontaminated. Talcum powder does not make people ill.

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Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer. When women use talcum powder as part of a feminine hygiene routine, the chance of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer is likely to increase. It is believed asbestos-talc particles are able to travel to the ovaries and cause inflammation resulting in ovarian cancer.

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WWII Lightweight Service Gas Mask Carry Bag . WWII M1 Carbine Magazine Pouch 1945. ... WWII era Squibb Tooth Powder Tin. WWII RH 34 Pal Trench Art Knife. WWII M3 Fighting Knife & Scabbard. ... WWII era Mennen Talcum Powder Tin. WWII 4 Ounce Soap Type 1 . WWII Mounted Troops Canteen Cup & Cover.

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II. Exposures to talcum powder, tobacco, alcohol, and coffee. American Journal of Epidemiology. 1988; 128:1228–1240. [Google Scholar] Wignall BK, Fox AJ. Mortality of gas mask assemblers. Br J Ind Med. 1982; 39:34–38. [PMC free article] [Google Scholar] Wong C, Hempling RE, Piver MS, Natarajan N, Mettlin CJ.

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It's 99% probably talcum powder, used to keep moisture away from the rubber. Just wash it out and you'll be good. And keep the filter. Just seal it and put it on a shelf as a display item or something. Just don't open it if you know it may be dangerous. 5 level 2 FlamingTrashcans Op · 3y Will do! 2 level 1 TrhlaSlecna · 3y

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Surplus Polish MC-1 Gas Mask w/ Filter and Camo Bag - The Polish MC-1 Gas Mask is the genuine article - an authentic piece of Polish military surplus equipment. Perfect for your military gear collection, soldier costume or even a reliable, inexpensive personal protection solution, we've got these effective and downright cool-looking masks at the lowest price you'll find anywhere.

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Like a civilian bottle of talcum powder, the top has a twisty lid that allows the contents to be sprinkled onto the user's feet: Of course it is not just feet that this powder is useful for, anywhere that gets hot and sweaty for long periods of time can be dusted with the powder, such as the crotch and arm pits.

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Gas mask problem? Need help. Tags 6003 6200 filter gas mask p100 problem sound. Jump to Latest Follow ... If you can dust them with a very fine talcum powder and reinstall...sounds like moisture may have got to them and they are partially sticking. Common problem on the Israeli and US M17 masks .

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Michael Jordan's powder clap - ... Before the start Jordan would take talcum powder in his hand, go and stand right in front of Kerr's table and do a powder clap. ... Once he put on a gas mask ...

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Talcum powder is a common item for American women, who were sold on the freshness promised by the companies marketing this product. What remained unknown was the increased risk for ovarian cancer with frequent long-term use in the genital area, caused by talc contaminated with asbestos.

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top (suggested) level 1. TyrantT100. · 3y. Were you the one that posted this on my Youtube channel a few hours ago. No it's not true, huffing talc isn't good for the lungs but it's no where near as dangerous as asbestos. 4. level 2. The3erg.

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The Type 69, also known as FMJ04, was first introduced into trials during late 1968, being fully adopted in 1969, making it the Chinese Military Gas Mask model of 1969. The mask was brought into production to attempt to replace all MF4 and Type 65 Gas masks in service ( this was never fully carried out as the MF4/M65/M69) are all in use today in the PLA. This was China's first …

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mask becomes wet. This is normal. * For long term storage, it s recommended to lightly spread a layer of talcum powder onto all surfaces of the mask. (Wash off the talcum powder before use). * Do not bring the mask into long-term contact with mineral-spirits of any kind, such as Vaseline, Hand-creams, Polishes, Solvents, and Grease.

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Talcum Powder Recipe Without Talc: 1. To make the powder, take two tablespoons of corn flour in a bowl. 2. Add in a tablespoon of kaolin clay to it. 3. Add in a teaspoon of rose petal powder or sandalwood powder too. Finally, add in five to six drops of rose essential oil or sandalwood essential oil. Now mix well with a spoon.

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Finally something that I can comment on and actually know what I'm on about Theres a lot of methods that can be used to help preserve gas masks such as talcum powder and chalk power as already mentioned. However this isnt the only solution, none of my masks are stored in this way, its the conditions that they are stored in that matter the most.